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Some vegetable oil are not appropriate for human to eating, but they can be applied for industrial and chemical files. The typical material is castor oil, which is used on lubricant oil, laundry soap, textile printing etc.

Like the function on cosmetic, some substances in seed and nut are good for human’s health, even some of can cure human’s illness. However, all are achieved by oil press machine and cold pressing without additional roasting is better. Safflower and isapgol were once extruded by us.

Food is necessary for people and edible vegetable & animal oil is important part of modern food.delicious, healthy and nutritious food are closely related with oil. It is momentous for different people to choose different kind of vegetable oil. Machine from QiFeng can benefit the dealers and consumers from home and abroad for its high quality and excellent services. 

Almost all residues from the extruding are good for feeding animals, because most residues are high protein contained and this is what animals need. Some low oil content materials like rapeseed, soybean and cotton seed are mainly for animals’food after are extruded. Oil extraction machines from QiFeng can continued work for 7x24h and this will supply big productivity.

Industry application

Cosmetic is a special field for Qifeng ‘s oil press machine.most flowers seeds and fruit seed include some particular matters, which are helpful to protect human’s skin. Rose seed, grape seed, peony seed are familiar with us. Cold press machine with low speed and without any preheating is suitable for these seeds.

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