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What is the difference between the squeegee press and the raw press?
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         As the two basic types of presses presses, the two processes of raw and squeezed are familiar, but what are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of these two processes, and many people are just looking and not understand. Today, Qi Feng machinery for you to explain the press press and squeeze the difference between the advantages and disadvantages.

         Wang Wen Shengyi, raw squeeze is in the case of non-heating oil, clean and then directly into the press after the press press. This kind of squeezing method is difficult to squeeze clean, the oil is also out of oil. Squeeze squeeze clean need more than twice, and squeeze the oil taste is not particularly fragrant.
        The advantage of the squeeze is that the oil has a pure natural characteristics, to avoid the traditional high-temperature processing of oil produced adverse effects, more complete preservation of edible oil in a variety of physiologically active substances. Raw oil color is bright, can not afford the bubble, it will not appear silt phenomenon.

        As the name implies, the cooked press is the oil in the fried roasted before the press. This kind of pressing method once the performance of the oil squeezed clean, and the smell of mellow, high yield, less residue, easier to save. The squeezed oil cake is almost no oil content, in the production of oil-free material cake can choose to use.
       The shortcomings of cooked crush in the process of frying sometimes there will be silt phenomenon, cooked because the oil through the high temperature treatment, squeezed out of the oil color is deep, no raw oil look good.
       Virgin and cooked squeeze the two very different oil extraction process, in the operation of different methods at the same time, often used in oil extraction equipment is not the same, which greatly increased the investment burden of the owner of the oil mill.
       Our factory is committed to the production and research and development of the new oil press, the launch of the 6YL-100, 6YL-120 - 3, 6YL - 128 screw press, will successfully solve this problem. Raw and cooked, that is, save the investment costs, but also in operation to provide a great convenience, but also save store space.


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