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Walnut oil edible method?
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        Walnut is a natural health food, walnut has been highly respected since ancient times, modern medical research that walnut is rich in phospholipids, the brain has a good health care effect; walnut is also rich in zinc, manganese, chromium and other essential trace elements The Walnut nutrient composition is extremely high, but the shelf life is short, perishable and easy to produce carcinogens - aflatoxin. So you can use walnuts made of walnut oil, easy to save. Qifeng brand automatic hydraulic press crushed walnut oil walnut oil, the oil rate of 50% or more, oil crystal clear, save time and effort, easy to operate.

       Today, the medical profession to the walnut oil is recognized as one of the most beneficial to the health of edible oil. Was hailed as "liquid brain gold." So what is the consumption of walnut oil? Then look down!

Walnut oil edible method:

       Walnut oil can be directly oral and cold, but also for frying, frying, frying and other cooking methods, food is very convenient.

    1. Oral, adult daily morning fasting 8 ~ 16ml. You can also mix milk, yogurt, honey and fruit juice.

    2. Cooking, you can 1: 4 way with other blending oil mixed cooking, in order to ensure that the nutrition of walnut oil is not destroyed in the heated pot into the walnut oil is best to control the temperature below 160 degrees.

    3. Cold, you can directly add dishes to stir, such as mixed with cucumber and so on.
    4. Food additives, can be made cakes and a variety of nutritional supplements, can also be added in the soup, flour, stuffing, cooking, spices.

   5. Dip food, as a meal when the accessories, you will experience an unexpected taste Oh.
Health Tips:
     Long-term consumption of walnut oil can achieve the following results:

    1. brain puzzle: walnut oil can help the fetus and infants and young children's brain development and intelligence to form, improve brain cell vitality, enhance memory.

    2. To promote blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

    3. To improve the digestive system, improve endocrine capacity.

    4. Anti-cancer effect: walnut oil can inhibit the growth of tumor cells, reduce the incidence of cancer.

    5. Anti-aging: walnut oil can promote cell growth, accelerate wound healing. Can prevent brain aging, and can longevity.


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