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the Nut/Bean/ Seed/Fruit oil Production Line is especially offered for those whom want beginning a new career like small oil mill or other oil factory,.you don't need to concern different working parts from different suppliers. one step solving all problems, no worry about quality or price, delivery etc.
this is not a aptotic setting for our customers and we service our customers with following programme:
1. customers' demand(materials, hot or cold process,output capacity etc)
2. draft is worked and supplied by our engineers.
3. accepted or modified by customers and us.
4. quotation & contract are offered
5. line production,test and inspection.
5. visiting the factory or final inspection
6. delivery of the goods
B : Nut/Bean/ Seed/Fruit oil Production Line with Screw oil press machine
Due to the limity of production quantity and technic, the line with hydraulic oil expeller can’t be widely applied on all materials. So the line with screw oil expeller was creat by us.washing machine, separator,cutting machine or shredder, roaster will pretreat the nut, bean,seed or fruit, then lifter will transfer the materials to oil expeller for extruding, the residual will be transfered to another oil expeller for second time extruding and the oil will be filtered for three time by three equipments.
olive fruit, cocoa beans, walnut, coconut,avocado, palm fruit are also suitable for screw oil expeller that with low speed. The production quantity is bigger than hydraulic oil expeller, at same time the investing cost also lower than the latter.the common materials like peanut, soyban,rapeseed,sesame,sunflowers,pumpkin seeds, pine seeds,grape seeds, corn,flex seed, castor seed, seeds from flowers and herbal are also good for processing.
Example for coconut oil extruding:1000L/8 Hour

1.worker slowly put coconut chip into shredder for broken.
2. the small piece of coconut come into hopper of lifter 1, then transferred into hopper of screw oil expeller 1 for extruding.
3. the material is pressed in the chamber of the machine 1 with quick turnning. The oil come out and go into filter screen for first time filtration.the residual will come out from a exit and transferred to another screw oil expeller 2 for second time extruding.
4. the oil from oil press machine 2 will also filter for first time.the residual from machine 2 will come out and be taken away for feeling animals after drying.
5. stainless steel pipe will connect the oil from two machines and the oil will flow into vacuum oil filter for second time filtration.
6.the worker should take the oil from vacuum oil filter away and infunde into centrfugal oil filter for third time filtration.
7. after the final filtering, the finished oil is available.

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